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Dear Whooshers:
Our map is (STILL) experiencing some technical difficulties, so it is not possible to map your whooshes at the moment. 
Please do submit your locations to tag the map though!  We'll post them all as soon as we can.  Thanks! 
-- WhooshEr 12/24/14


The Whoosher map above takes a few seconds to load... hang tight!

If you experience pulsatile tinnitus, we'd like to map you so we can show the world how many of us are out there.  Only a location tag will be on the map, not your name or any other identifiable info. 

There are four possible ways to map your whoosh:

1) Email us at whooshers@gmail.com and tell us where to tag you on the map; OR

2) Indicate your location (country or state/province will do) in the box above, click submit and then click "send" when the email box pops up (this option only works with some email clients); OR

3) Click here, create a UMapper account, log in and leave your location anonymously in the "Add Your Comment" box at the bottom of the page; OR

4) Enter your location anonymously by clicking the "Comments" link under the Whooshers.com blog post, "Where Do You Whoosh?"

Then look for your tag on the map, usually within 24 hours.

Remember, we can tag one location more than once, so let us know where you are even if your location is already tagged by another whoosher.

See you on the map!